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Series Length:1 Season, 13 Episodes
Network: ITV

Spine-chillers of mystery, suspense and the occult.

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Rating: 8/10
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  • Edwyn Rord, a young man working in a hospital morgue, pricks himself with a needle while working on the body of a man who thought he was possessed by the Devil. As a result, the Devil chooses Edwyn as his next disciple - or is it all in Edwyn's mind? In any event, Edwyn becomes obsessed by numerology and kills his mother and the local Vicar takes a strong line on it all.

  • A scientist's ten-year-old son dies, killed by eating food intended for his father's research rabbits. The man and his wife, Terence and Laurie Morton, then adopt another boy, James. But James is a weird, aloof child from the beginning, and shocking things happen around him. Dr Morton is a busy research botanist, and his wife works for charities, neglecting their new son - which is just as it was with William, the boy who died. James finds William's diary and reads a poem he wrote in it about his lonely life, and this calls up the dead boy. William's ghost invades the household, looking for revenge on his father and causing terrible events to unfold.

  • Emma and William Peters and their young daughter, Sophie, move into an old house which has been empty for many years. Unknown to them, Number 42, Colman Road, has not been lived-in since an old man (Albert Clemens) murdered his wife there. As severed hands and kukris materialize, while the house rains blood and the family cat is killed in a freak accident, the new occupants are terrorized. There is a shocking and unexpected climax, when Sophie makes use of one of her birthday presents to... well, we had better not give the ending away!

  • Charlie Willoughby tries to rape Penny, an unstable young American living in England, and in defending herself she shoots and kills him. Her boy friend, Harry, helps Penny to cover things up and buries Charlie's body in the woods. Then, however, Penny thinks she hears and sees Charlie, still alive - but a trickster is up to no good, and he wants something from Penny.

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