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Have Gun, Will Travel is a 30-minute American western drama about a well-to-do San Francisco man who hires himself out to assist in situations that might require gun-play. The gunman calls himself Paladin and dresses entirely in black when he is working for a client. The title of the show comes from the phrase that is prominently displayed on his calling card that also shows the chess piece of a knight. Richard Boone plays the title role.

Paladin is usually contacted by someone who believes his problems will best be handled by someone with a gun. Boone's character then usually travels to the area that is the site of the trouble. He gets to know the people involved in the situation and comes to understand the problem itself. He does his best to avoid using his gun as he tries to reason with everyone involved and find a peaceful solution. When a gun may be needed, he often shows people the firearm he carries and explains it is perfectly designed to match his shooting style. He does this to discourage a gunfight. If he needs to shoot, he is very fast and deadly accurate.

Between jobs he lives the good life at the Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, CA. He is always well-dressed, attends the best entertainment available and eats the fanciest of meals. Before he became a gun for hire, he was a military officer and served in the Civil War. He is well-educated, multilingual, and is a former debt-ridden gambler. It was a gambling debt that led him to use his gun skills to back the wrong side and started him on his mission to help the truly needy. His Paladin persona comes from his view of himself as a knight fighting for people who cannot successfully defend themselves. A number of the episodes were written by Gene Roddenberry.

6 Seasons, 225 Episodes - Canceled
September 14, 1957
Drama, Action & Adventure
Have Gun, Will Travel
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Have Gun, Will Travel Full Episode Guide

  • A bank hires Paladin to meet a rancher and pick up $10,000 but before the black clad one arrives the man is murdered and the money is stolen.

  • Paladin is imprisoned by an insane former matador who forces him to be the bull in the ring.

  • Paladin can't seem to get rid of a Native American damsel whose life he saved.

  • A young Chinese woman, awaiting passage back to her homeland so she won't have to go through with an arranged marriage, hires Paladin to protect her from assassins.

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