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The television series entitled Heartstrings is centered on the experiences of a group of university students in their love life, friendships as well as their goals in life and all the challenges they faced along the way as they worked hard towards achieving their goals.

The two main characters in the series included Jung Yong starring as Lee Shin and Park Shin starring as Lee Gyun.

Lee Shin was a music student at the university. He specialized in studying western music which he was very passionate about. He was also talented in playing music instruments like the guitar, piano and had a very good voice in singing reason why he was the lead singer in his band. He was a handsome guy and was also known for being very arrogant sometimes. His love for music could not be underestimated since that was one of the things he enjoyed doing best. His physical appearances made him look like an unfriendly and antisocial guy whereas he was a very nice person. He admired one of his teachers so much so that he thought he had some feelings for her. However he later on met a lady Lee Gyun whom he loved so much.

The other student Lee Gyun is a cheerful and intelligent lady who was also known for being very easy going. She was also studying music as well but specialized in Traditional Korean Music. She was talented in playing a musical instrument known as the gayageum. She learned how to play this instrument from her grandfather who was the lead musicians in their area. Due to her passion for music she accompanied her mates one day to a music concert where she saw Lee Shin and was immediately attracted to him.

The two got together and became very good friends they realized they had feelings for each other and started a relationship..

The series which comprised 17 episodes was directed by Pyo Min Soo and it aired on the MBC.

1 Season, 17 Episodes - Canceled
June 29, 2011
Korean Drama
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Heartstrings Full Episode Guide

  • DramaFever presents "The Best of Heartstrings" in this special episode after the drama has ended. Join us as we re-watch the most spazz-tastic scenes!

  • Shin's injury is far worse than imagined, but he refuses to let it interfere with Gyu Won's bright future.

  • Gyu Won is given a new opportunity abroad that could change her entire life, and would affect her relationship with Shin.

  • Hee Joo's absence wreaks havoc for the performance as they struggle to save the production from being canceled.

  • Suk Hyun's quitting weighs heavily on Gyu Won's conscience. Shin realizes that he's met Gyu Won before in Jeju Island.

  • Tae Joon and Hee Joo's mother plot to sabotage Suk Hyun's reputation in an effort to remove Gyu Won from the performance.

  • Shin and Gyu Won embark on their first days as a couple. A surprise performance for sponsors puts Gyu Won back in the spotlight.

  • The entire performance team goes on a weekend retreat.

  • Shin finds himself growing more attracted to Gyu Won as he works with her on the ending song. Hee Joo is miffed she's being upstaged by Gyu Won.

  • Gyu Won tutors Lee Shin in traditional music. Suk Hyun convinces Gyu Won to try out for the lead role, only to have her grandfather find out, much to his disapproval.

  • Gyu Won can't stop interfering with Lee Shin, even if it hurts her feelings more. She and her grandfather get new neighbors.

  • Lee Shin and Gyu Won encounter the pains of desire and rejection as they experience their first loves.

  • The other drama majors are jealous that Gyu Won is going to act when she clearly lacks dancing skills. Lee Shin meets a famed guitarist who isn't all that he seems to be.

  • The day of the auditions arrive, and Suk Hyun tries to convince a former student to make his stage comeback.

  • Annoyed with Lee Shin's personality, Gyu Won challenges him to a music face-off. Suk Hyun arrives with new plans for the performance.

  • Lee Gyu Won sets up a fundraiser to help her sickly professor. For the fundraiser she hires the rock star Lee Shin and his band to help attract a bigger audience.

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