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This story is beautifully written, with a present-day theme. It tells of the struggles and survival of Jae- In and her blended family. It shows how the unselfish love of her step-daughter wins over pride, prejudice and disappointment of her grandfather. It shows the grandfather's bark worst than his bite and his heart of love hidden underneath a brash exterior

It involves the plight of Jae-In a young woman striving to be a faithful wife, loving mother, dutiful daughter and good citizen all rolled into one. Banished by her father, she is now abandoned by an unfaithful husband after she bails him out of jail. He leaves her with his young daughter from a previous marriage and their own daughter.

Having no recourse, she returns home to seek refuge for the girls while she makes an attempt to regain some footing in life. Despite overwhelming obstacles, strong family love and unity holds them together.

Set in a small village, in the beautiful hills of South Korea, the harshness of Jae-In's father and the cruel gossip of the neighbors is in stark contrast to the pristine surroundings. She struggles to fit into the tight circle of village women, even as the girls struggle to find friendship among the children.

Some light looms on their horizon, as the youngest daughter is rescued by a friendly neighbor and his young son. This friendship although slow in blooming, offers the promise of a wholesome, lasting relationship to come.

This is s movie made for family entertainment and is well worth seeing. Those who have suffered heartbreak and betrayal, will find themselves grieving with Jae-In as she sees her husband with another woman. Children will laugh with the antics of little Hyun-Soo and older ones will sympathize with the often blamed and misunderstood teen-ager Eun-Soo.

It is perfect for when snowed in or rainy days. With the fireplace going and buttered pop corn ready, the entire family can curl up and enjoy as many episodes as possible of Heaven's Garden.

Saturday & Sunday 7:50 PM et/pt on ViKi
1 Season, 30 Episodes - Currently Airing
December 3, 2011
Family, Korean Drama
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Heaven's Garden Full Episode Guide

  • Tae Suk warns Woo Gyun once more that Jae In is his wife and that it's best that they get back together, even if it's just for the children.

  • Joo Hong leaves Gombaeryung to go back to Seoul, where she holds a press conference to respond to the rumors.

  • After receiving a phone call from Hyun Soo, who misses her father, Tae Sub decides to go to Gombaeryung.

  • Woo Gyun is disappointed that Jae In wouldn't go to business trips with him, and convinces her to go together, so that they can have a proper date, far from the eyes of the villagers.

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