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Heirs is based on following a group of entitled high school children as they are becoming prepared for taking over their family's successful business. The extremely wealthy children have everything in order except for all of their love lives. Kim Tan is the heir of the Empire Group who is currently studying abroad.

Kim Tan's half brother is trying to take over their family business behind his back. While Kim Tan is away he runs into a girl named Cha Eun Sung who just came to find her older sister in Korea. He instantly begins to fall in love with her not having any idea she is actually the daughter of the family's housekeeper. The whole time Kim is engaged and now becomes torn between two women in his life. Just because you are rich and gorgeous doesn't mean life will be easy.

Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on SBS
1 Season, 21 Episodes - Canceled
October 9, 2013
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  • A special holiday recap of the series from start to end.

  • The fate of Jeguk Group lies in Kim Tan's hands.

  • Kim Tan makes a public stand against his father for Eun Sang's sake, but his real obstacle is getting Eun Sang's mother's approval.

  • Won steps in to help his brother and Eun Sang regain their footing. Young Do makes a painful choice for himself and his friends.

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