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Helix is a science fiction television series that follows a group of scientists. These scientists work for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They are stationed in the Arctic and are working on a research project. They are investigating a highly contagious disease and are investigating a potential outbreak. Something happens with the research and the scientists find themselves in a life and death situation. Some of the scientists catch the disease and start to hallucinate.

Some of the characters also bring their past issues with them. The decisions these scientists make can either help mankind or lead to the destruction of humans. The show also uses scenes that flash back from the past to the present time before this research project began. Each episode tells more information about the research the scientists are conducting and intense scenes about survival. This show stars Billy Campbell and Hiroyuki Sabada.

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Fridays 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes - Currently Airing
Action & Adventure
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  • Things go from bad to worse on the island. Elsewhere, Walker decides to go to St. Germain after learning about Brother Michael.

  • Peter reveals his brother's secret and gets them both in trouble, meanwhile Kyle has his hands full trying to quarantine the orchard and the infected hive.

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