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Airing on the KBS network, Hello! Miss is transcribed from the novel Five Kimchi Mandu, written by Lee Ji-wan. The Korean equivalent of a Romeo & Juliet type story, two Korean families, one with simple, traditional values and the other with a very contemporary outlook, hold grudges against each other over the ownership of the Jae Ahn Lee clan manor. Award-winning star Lee Da Hae (as Lee Su-ha) and Lee Ji Hoon (as Hwang Dong-gyu) are cast as rivals who fall in love against the wishes of their families.

Trouble arises when Hwang Dong-gyu's cousin and arch-rival Hwang Chan Min tries to snag the manor from Lee Su-ha's family while she is trying to save it from bankruptcy. In order to keep her home from falling into the hands of Dong-gyu's family, she opens it up to urban residents as a part of a traditional home-stay program. During the rivalry, Lee Su-ha discovers that both her love, Hwang Dong-gyu and his evil cousin, Hwang Chan Min, are descendents from servants that worked for her family during their monarchy.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM e/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled
March 19, 2007
Korean Drama
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Hello! Miss Full Episode Guide

  • Dong Kyu works hard to get approval for his marriage. Finally, Dong Kyu successfully mimics the taste of traditional Man Doo with Su Ha's assistance.

  • Lee Myung Suk suggests the food department be removed, but Dong Kyu disputes her decision because the food department is really important to President Hwang.

  • Dong Kyu sees Su Ha and Chan Min sit side by side after the memorial ceremony. Chan Min proposes to Su Ha, embarrassing Dong Kyu.

  • When Dong Kyu discovers that President Hwang has bid on Hwa An Dang, he is disappointed at the president's behavior.

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