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Hero: 108 is a cartoon animated series produced for Cartoon Network and aired in Europe and America. The show is loosely based on a popular version of a Chinese novel, Water Margin. The storyline is based on inhabitants of Hidden Kingdom where humans and animals live together in harmony. However, peace is disrupted by HighRoller who convinces animals that humans are their mortal enemies. To restore peace, a team called Big Green is formed by Commander ApeTrully, fighting HighRoller and the Zebra Brothers to bring peace to the Hidden Kingdom. In his quest to bring justice, HighRoller successfully inducts various animals who believe in his mission.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 104 Episodes - Canceled
March 1, 2010
Animation & Cartoons
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Hero: 108 Full Episode Guide

  • Among the ruins of Big Green, we find First Squad with a handful of animal Kings left at their sides. Lin Chung finds a design he had made of a Bronze Giant - the power points of which include all 107 heroes of Big Green.

  • The Dog Pack, loyal members of Big Green, are attacking human villages. Wu Sung, the Dental Warrior, knows that his brother, the Dog King, has had difficulty leading a domesticated life and vows to stop him from causing more destruction.

  • Lin Chung is on high alert. He senses chaos is poised to destroy Hidden Kingdom. This insight could only mean one thing: TwinMasters is preparing for an ultimate attack on Big Green. TwinMasters arrives invincible and destroys Big Green's headquarters.

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