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Hetalia: Axis Powers is a multimedia project taking in an online web comic, a series of manga comics and an anime series and motion picture. The Hetalia: Axis Powers series began life as a web comic that depicted the events following World War I leading up to World War II with the countries of the world drawn as adolescent youths.

The original idea behind the series was the depiction of the stereotypes of each nation of the world leading up to World War II as the personality traits of adolescent children. For example, the character depicting Italy is cowardly and eats pasta continually, with the United States depicted as obnoxious and hamburger eating. The interactions of the characters reflect the relationships between the countries during historical events; in the later of the five seasons historical events across larger stretches of the 20th century are depicted.

An animated series has been produced depicting the events of the web comic and manga series of Hetalia: Axis Powers. The first season took the form of 26 five minute episodes directed by Bob Shirahata originally commissioned by the Japanese Kids Station network. Before the first season could be aired in Japan it was cancelled following complaints about the negative stereotypes of characters depicted in Hetalia: Axis Powers. In particular, Korean protesters made strenuous attempts to ensure the season was not shown in Japan.

Two seasons of Hetalia: Axis Powers have been aired in North America on the Funimation network. A full length movie called Paint It, White! Was completed in 2010 and distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Funimation.

4 Seasons, 119 Episodes
December 31, 1969
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Hetalia: Axis Powers Full Episode Guide

  • The Allies are still stranded, but they soon discover that their deserted island isn't so deserted. Later, a holiday leads to wartime ceasefire between England and Germany - and the ceasefire leads to a soccer game in the snow.

  • America's still looking to befriend a whale, but his self-centered abrasiveness is really starting to get to Japan. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the obnoxious Westerner is leaving the East anytime soon.

  • America travels to the land of Japan in order to become friends with some whales - or something like that. Anyway, when the boys from the west come ashore in the east, awkwardness and tea drinking ensues.

  • When a couple of the Allied boys get stranded on a remote beach without their friends, their survival depends on desperately scavenging the savage jungle to - Oh, wait. Nevermind. America's got candy bars and lunch meat.

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