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High Stakes poker is a television show that gives outsiders a chance to watch some of the best poker players in the world play live. In High stakes poker they play Texas Holdem Poker. This game in particular each player is dealt 2 hole cards. No one can see these cards except the person playing them and the viewers at home. The viewers are able to see the players hole cards using a hidden camera. After the hole cards are dealt the players can then bet. The dealer then lays down 3 community cards on the board. Every player can use their 2 hole cards combined with the community cards. The players bet again. The dealer then puts out a fourth community card. There is then a third round of betting. The dealer then lays down a fifth and last community card. The players then bet for the last time.

High Stakes poker includes rich businessmen that sit down and play against the best cash game poker players in the world. For example, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss sometimes plays in these games. The poker legend Doyle Brunson also frequents these games. Nicknamed "Texas Dolly" he is a two time World Series of Poker champion and considered one of the best poker players to ever sit at the table. The 13 time World series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth sometimes joins the game as well.

At times these poker professionals and businessmen may sit with as much as $1 million dollars each. They could lose it all in just one hand. These players bluff and outplay each other on route to win or lose millions of dollars. Only the player holding the cards and the people viewing at home are aware of the players hole cards. The pressure mounts as some of the worlds best risk it all in an attempt to win millions of dollars on High Stakes Poker.

7 Seasons, 99 Episodes - Canceled
January 1, 2006
High Stakes Poker
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  • Players Include: Phil Hellmuth Phil Ivey Andreas Hoivold Daniel Negreanu Gus Hansen Tom Dwan Antonio Esfandiari Dario Minieri

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