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Hill Street Blues, was a stand out police drama show of the 1980's. It featured a stellar standout cast, and ran for seven seasons. The show regularly garnered awards during it's original run. It was a show that became a blueprint for police and crime shows that followed it. The premise of the show centers around a police precinct in an American city that is not specified. The show was known as one of the first, to feature more true to life language in the regular dialogue then any other show that had previously been aired. The show focused on work related issues, as well as the private lives of the central characters. Hill Street Blues was one of the first nightly shows that featured story lines that did not necessarily end at the end of sixty minutes. Some story lines were played out and continued through out the season. It was also highly regarded for tackling important issues that had previously never been addressed in dramatic television shows.

Many viewers and television insiders, speculated that the show takes place in Chicago, or a similar mid western city, however, the city was never disclosed. The proverbial patriarch of the cast was the fictional Captain Frank Furillo, played by the seasoned actor, Daniel J. Travanti. His character more often then not set the tone, for the episode to follow. The character of Joyce Davenport, was a district attorney in the show, she was played by Veronica Hamel. Davenport and Furillo become romantically involved, and that makes for some rather interesting story lines, outside of the police precinct. Famed character actor Michael Conrad, played the endearing character of, Sargent Phil Esterhaus. Conrad would pass away after the third season of the show, and his character died off as well. In addition to extraordinary story lines and critically acclaimed performances, the show also had music that received musical accolades.

7 Seasons, 217 Episodes - Canceled
January 15, 1981
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  • A nighttime fire sweeps through the station. Buntz experiences fear for the first time when he is suspended on charges of stealing cocaine.

  • Hunter is rescued after being buried alive for eleven days and is advised by Furillo to avoid any references to the Donner party.

  • A football star gets caught in a Hill Street hooker sweep, and Prunella returns to look for the missing Hunter.

  • Renko attempts a reconciliation with his wife, Belker returns and Hunter gathers the troops for a hostage siege.

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