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Hogan's Heroes is an American military sitcom. It is set in a German prisoner of war camp during World War II. The Allied prisoners (mostly American, but also some British and French) are using it as a base of operations and cover story for a super secret special operations group.

The group is headed up by American Air Force Colonel Robert E. Hogan (Bob Crane). He has a perpetually sunny disposition and upbeat attitude that doesn't quite fit with his status as a prisoner of war. However, it does fit the plot that he is really running the show and remains a prisoner by choice in order to be better positioned to pull off "impossible" missions.

The camp is nominally run by an incompetent German officer named Colonel Wilhelm Klink (Werner Klemperer). Hogan and his "heroes" do all in their power to keep Colonel Klink in charge and make him look good in order to preserve their ability to do as they please right under his nose. This includes jumping through hoops to preserve the camp's record of zero escapees: When they do need to get someone out, they arrange substitute prisoners or transfers to keep this record intact.

Colonel Klink is easily kept in the dark in part because Sergeant of the Guard Hans Schultz (John Banner) routinely looks the other way. Thus, Klink's right hand man essentially covers for the prisoners when they aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing. This empowers Hogan and his men to pull hacker style stunts in support of their ongoing secret missions.

The show depicts a crack team of diverse characters, like Staff Sergeant James Kinchloe (Ivan Dixon). He is fluent in French, a talented mimic who can impersonate German officers via radio, and the person responsible for radio, telegraph and similar communications. He is also shown as a very skilled boxer.

6 Seasons, 169 Episodes - Canceled
September 17, 1965
Comedy, Military & War
Hogan's Heroes
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  • Hogan partners up with a pretty underground agent to destroy a missile battery.

  • Hogan starts an avalanche.

  • Hogan must pass himself off for a German officer to avoid being taken in by a Gestapo.

  • Hogan hatches a plan to get more information to England.

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