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The Horse Doctor, which is also known as both The Horse Healer and Veterinarian, is a south Korean television series that falls into the genre(s) of medical, historical, as well as romance. The Horse Doctor is aired on the MBC television channel and it was directed by the well known director Lee Byung Hoon, who also directed Jewel In The Palace, Hur Jun, and Yi San and Dong Yi. Also, this south Korean television series stars many outstanding actor's and actresses such as Cho Seung Woo, Ahn Do Gyu, Han Sang Jin, Kim So Eun, Jo Bo Ah, Lee Sang Woo, Jung Gyu Woon, Joo Jin Mo, and Jang Hee Woong.

The Horse Doctor south Korean television series is mainly focused around a man named Joseon Era and his life. Joseon Era is a veterinarian, but he is a lower class veterinarian and he specializes in various different treatments for horses. Joseon Era inspires to become the royal physician for the king, and will one day become just that. As this television series follows Joseon Era throughout his life, you will meet some unique characters that play a vital role in Joseon Eras life. Two of those characters are Lee Sung Ha and Kang Ji Nyeong. Lee Sung Ha is Joseon Eras rival for the position to be the royal kings physician, and Kang Ji Nyeong creates a wild, confusing love triangle throughout this series.

This television series has many twists, turns, and events that will keep you wondering what will happen next. You will get to see Joseon Eras fight, struggle, and will power to over come obstacles and hurdles that stand in his way of becoming the royam physician. You will see the tricks that Lee Sung Ha has in store for Joseon, and you will get wrapped up in Kang Ji Nyeongs love triangle. This television series has many ups and downs where there is happiness, saddness, anger, and the amazing courage of one young man following his dreams no matter what. You will be glued to your television screen as all the events transpire right before your eyes, it is one television series you will not want to miss.

Mondays & Tuesdays 9:55 PM et/pt on MBC
1 Season, 49 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 1, 2012
Korean Drama
Horse Doctor
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Horse Doctor Full Episode Guide

  • Kwanghyon becomes a royal physician and does private practice for those in need. He lives happily ever after with Jinyoung saving many lives, including what he's best at- treating horses.

  • Doctor Baek along with his medical staff discuss how to operate on the King's ulcer.

  • Jinyoung is freed from being a slave, however the officials are against their marriage since Kwanghyon's from a different class. The viceroy pressures him into entering the public service.

  • Lord Yi turns himself in and the viceroy and ministers face punishment as well. Jinyoung has to return to being a slave, but Kwanghyon tries to stop it...

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