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"Horseland" is an animated American television series. The show revolves around a working horse ranch, the horses that live there and the girls and boys who care for and ride them. "Horseland" features fast-paced plots and artwork that uses lots of soft colors. Lots of facts about the care and feeding of horses are regularly provided in each episode. On the "Horseland" TV program there are several animated human characters as well as an assortment of animated horses most of whom can speak. Some of the central animated human characters in "Horseland" are young girls. Among them are Alma, Chloe, Zoey and Sarah.

Each of the girls has her own horse and the horses' temperaments are often quite similar to those of their owners'. Alma's horse is named Button, Chloe's horse is called Chili, the name of Zoey's horse is Pepper and Sarah's horse is named Scarlet.

Two of the pivotal animated male characters on "Horseland" are Bailey who is the young son of Horseland's owners and his slightly older cousin Will who often helps the other children with their horses. A Collie dog and an Angora cat are also featured in many episodes.

On each episode of "Horseland" the children and horses encounter various challenges and problems. By using teamwork and doing the right thing the children and animals usually overcome the obstacles. This animated program often shows good and bad behaviors and tries to promote good behavior.

The girls at Horseland help to care for their horses and perform tasks such as cleaning stalls. They regularly participate in equestrian events such as jumping competitions where girls from other stables compete against them.

The "Horseland" television series originally aired for three seasons and more than 90 episodes were produced.

Saturday 10:00 AM et/pt on CBS on CBS
3 Seasons, 65 Episodes - Canceled
September 16, 2006
Children, Animation & Cartoons
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Horseland Full Episode Guide

  • Sarah and Alma try to convince the constantly bickering Stilton twins to tell each other "I love you."

  • When her friends tease her about her weight, Pepper becomes worried and goes on an unhealthy crash diet.

  • Princess Linnea and her assistant come to ride for a day at Horseland.

  • The Horseland gang is set to ride in a "Heritage Days" parade. But they can't decide on what sort of heritage they'll represent.

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