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Horsepower is a television show on Spike TV dedicated to mechanics and other people interested in cars and how they work. The show teaches people tips and tricks that they can use to make sure the engine in their vehicle is running at maximum capacity. Horsepower shows viewers the latest developers from car manufacturers as well as aftermarket equipment that can boost someone’s engine. In addition to telling viewers about the latest equipment, the hosts of the show will also do a step by step tutorial, showing car enthusiasts how to install the pieces in their own vehicles. They also drive across country and check out the inventions that different people have come up with in order to modify their cars. Sometimes, they will even pit different types of engines against one another to see which one is best.

Spike TV
8 Seasons, 153 Episodes
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Horsepower Full Episode Guide

  • Horsepower's hottest engine tech

  • Class Ford inline six budget build

  • Driveway rescue and new supercharger tech

  • Horsepower turns a Nissan 240 SX into a 240/LS.

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