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Hot in Cleveland is a sitcom about four single women who share living space. Their personalities are polar opposite of one another. Three of the four have left Los Angeles and the shallow lifestyle that accompanies their careers in the entertainment industry. They decide on Cleveland because they believe that the people there are more down-to-earth.

Betty White plays the eldest member of the household. Elka is a feisty woman that tosses out insult after insult upon the other members of the household. It seems to work for her because they love her just the same. She is especially hard on Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli).

Valerie Bertinelli plays Melanie who is a woman with little self-confidence. That is what makes her such an easy target for Elka. She is very sensitive and naive. It is a mixture that provides a great mix of comedy as only Bertinelli can pull off.

Wendie Malick is the perfect fit for her role as Victoria. Victoria is an aging soap star that knows all the ropes when it comes to being snobby. She is still a loveable character. She is self-important which offers the show a hilarious look at the perceived notion that people have of television stars.

Jane Leeves plays the role of Joy. She is from England and has the accent to accompany her generally funny lines. Joy is a beautician who takes eyebrows very seriously. She has a bad relationship with her mother and does not do well on dates.

One of the main focuses in Hot in Cleveland is all of the women trying to find that special someone. The many antics they get into as a result are hilarious. They generally find ways to manhunt in groups. It includes barhopping, party going and blind dates set up by each other. Their first dates are usually last dates because they always find something wrong with the person they are with.

Casting of the show is a brilliant mixture of personalities. The actresses that portray each character have a proven track record of comedy under their belt. It is an excellent show that may not have received enough attention during its run. Look for guest stars such as Susan Lucci and Rick Springfield.

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  • Victoria and Melanie try to deal with Joy leaving. Bob tries to impress Joy's mother.

Hot In Cleveland News

'Hot In Cleveland' Syndication Deal Spans 65% Of U.S.

CBS Television Distribution has made some deals that will make 2014 a warm year indeed for "Hot In Cleveland," according to Deadline. TV Land's all-time most popular series launches into syndication in two years and in advance, CTD has already sold the series to stations covering 65 percent of the U.S. market. Since picking up domestic distribution rights last year, that includes sales in nine of the top  10 U.S. markets and 18 of the top 20. CTD President of Sales Joe DiSalvo on Thursday called the series "a breakout hit for TV Land and a perfect fit for the broad audience of broadcast syndication.

Betty White Proudly Announces Her Congressional Endorsement

Oh, Betty White. Could it be you're just a sucker for any pretty man that bats some big ol' baby-blues at you? At the very least, some gorgeous peepers will get a gent as far as a glowing political endorsement from America's Grandma. The former "Golden Girls" and "The Bob Newhart Show" and present "Hot In Cleveland" co-star stands alongside fellow actress Wendie Malick in this recent ad backing Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.) in his race to retain his U.

Betty White To Get Royal Treatment For 90th Birthday

As birthdays go, they just won't get much bigger than Betty White's upcoming 90th. The Huffington Post reports that the TV world will be gladly giving back next month to a television icon who's become like a sainted favorite grandmother to millions of fans. And it's NBC starting the party Jan. 16 with back-to-back Betty. The network will debut the 90-minute birthday tribute "Betty White's 90th Birthday: A Tribute To America's Golden Girl" at 8 PM ET/PT featuring well-wishes and thanks from White's "Hot In Cleveland" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" runs respectively, as well as NBC's other signature funny gals.

Betty White is Turning 90 and You're Invited!

No Facebook campaigns necessary, Betty White's milestone 90th birthday party will be televised. NBC is planning a special party for the legendary funny woman and invitations are in the mail. The struggling peacock network is planning to film the special in Los Angeles to air in January, close to the comic icon's birthday on January 17th, 2012. NBC has had it's share of scheduling woes lately (bring back "Community"!) but it looks like a Betty White birthday bash is a safe bet.

Video: What the World Would Be Like If Everyone Was Betty White

Ever wonder what it would look like if mankind finally achieved worldwide peace? Well now we have ourselves a pretty good idea. It will involve Betty White, cloned twelve times over. America's grandma just recently filmed a new AARP ad, Betty-clones handle a bank of phones and hosts the "Get Over It A-Thon" dressed to celebrate each era of White's long career. Floral prints abound, as do blazers of the finest neon and polyester, as 89-year-old White tells 50-year-olds everywhere to "get over" feeling old joining AARP because at 50, "I'd already dated my way through the Rat Pack!" Besides, when you're 50 years old and complaining about joining and she tells you "Don't be such a wuss," well, message-received.

Betty White to Host Senior Prank Show 'Off Their Rockers'

What's better than having the hilarious Betty White host a show? How about having Betty White host a hidden-camera prank show? NBC's upcoming show "Off Their Rockers" has found its host in Betty White. The "Hot in Cleveland" star will host the hidden-camera show, which will feature senior-aged improvisors and actors pulling pranks on younger folks. If that isn't the best idea for a show, I don't know what is. Senior citizens pranking people and Betty White hosting? Sign me up.

Thank You For Bein' a Friend: Betty White Celebrates Birthday #89

Can we just give Betty White a hand? The 89-year-old party girl celebrated her own birthday last night while interviewing with David Letterman and drinking vodka. You go girl! Betty and Dave whooped it up and shared some funnies…that is until Dave opened his big mouth and inserted his foot! The interview was going great and they were chatting it up like great friends. Letterman busted out come chilled Grey Goose and photos from her golden years. As puts it, "I think it was all going pretty well until he said she reminded him of his mother.

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