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Series Length:4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
Schedule: Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel

Hotel Impossible is the latest installment of reality Television in which Gordon Ramsey visits failing hotels and evaluates them for both service and atmosphere. Hotel owners and managers often call on Gordon in a last ditch effort to save the failing business. There are many reasons a hotel may be failing, such as competition, bad reviews, outdated style or simple filth.

In order to properly evaluate the current standing of the hotel Gordon checks in and stays over night. During Mr. Ramsey's stay he will eat the food available to the patrons of the hotel, stay in a standard room, which is normally available to hotel patrons all the while emerging himself into the hotels atmosphere.

While staying evaluations are done on cleanliness, style and customer service. Gordon makes use of such tools as black lights to detect dirty bedding. Once the initial evaluation has been completed Gordon meets with the Hotel management and or owners and together they work to improve the hotel and ultimately save the business. Most of the hotels visited in the series will need a complete make over in order to give the hotel style and basic amenities of a modern hotel. However, there are times when all that is needed for the hotel to thrive is for the staff to be re-trained and properly taught how to work and interact with customers in the hospitality industry.

Many times the hotel can be turned around with a little sprucing up, re-writing the menu, proper advertising and re-training of the staff. In theory this sounds simple but in reality there are many ups and downs that generally cause conflict between Ramsey and the staff. Often management and or owners do not see eye to eye with Ramsey and are opposed to his suggestions, which are needed in order to save their business. After talking with staff and management Ramsey is often able to sway them to his suggestions and save the business.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Family, Travel
Rating: 8/10
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  • Anthny returns to the Ocean Manor Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale 18 months after his last visit, and discovers they are still suffering with the same issues.

  • Anthony checks up on the Holbrooke Hotel to see if his counsel for the parking lot, the kitchen, and the banquet hall were implemented.

  • Hidden cameras reveal housekeeping and staff secrets at the Triangle T Guest Ranch in Arizona.

  • Anthony returns to the Casa Verde to follow up on how things have been maintained since his last visit.

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