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House Hunters on Vacation takes viewers along as families and couples get a little help finding the vacation home of their dreams. Vacation home rental properties are toured and each vacationing guest is given the choice of three properties to choose from where they will then spend a week living. Choosing a vacation property for your next trip can be difficult when you are not there to see it, so guests are brought to their vacation destination and given in person tours of each.

What the guests see and like are heavily focused on, as is the location of each vacation rental property because these items play a huge role in what is ultimately decided. A host generally scouts out several properties beforehand, narrowing featured vacation homes down to what the family is looking for. After touring each home and evaluating them for location, space and comfort, among other things, the families then have to make a decision on where to stay for the remainder of their trip.

Monday 8:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 6, 2011
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House Hunters on Vacation
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House Hunters on Vacation Full Episode Guide

  • George and Gina Kyle have two high school aged kids with college on their minds. The family knows they only have one more chance to take a vacation together while living under the same roof, so this trip is very important to all of them.

  • Matt and Natalie are teachers and rarely get to travel. Natalie also never sees her family. The family is sent to New Mexico to choose between three rental homes.

  • Sarah and her three best friends are all turning thirty this year! But their hectic schedules are complicating plans for a girlfriend getaway. Sarah, Cristina, Laura, and Gia are in for a big birthday surprise when they find out they'll be celebrating together in London, England.

  • When Nathan and Michelle moved into Nathan's childhood home in Encinitas, California they knew the kitchen needed to be remodeled. So, instead of going on a honeymoon, they spent their money on transforming the kitchen. House Hunters Vacation is surprising them with a honeymoon to London.

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