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House Of Consignment is an epic television series that falls into the genre of Reality. This television series is mainly aired on the VH1 channel, and it has an approximate running time of about 30 minutes long per episode, not excluding the commercials. This reality television series was directed by James Flint, and it was produced by many well known producers such as Stephanie Drachkovitch, Jennifer Colbert, Kristen Kelly, Jill Holmes, and Jeff Olde. An amazing television series about a simple senior project that has turned into a successful, million dollar industry.

House of consignment is mainly focused around a young woman by the name of Corri McFadden. Corri McFadden is a fashion genius, an entrepreneur, and has set a goal to change and improve the way women shop on a daily basis. She started a project in her senior year of fashion design school. Over time this small senior project has turned into an outstanding multi million dollar company where she has over 20 different fashionistas working with her. All working together and working hard to bring top notch, high end products to women.

Corri has an E drop off retail store located in Lincoln Park. She takes in name brand, expensive clothing and accessories as Solve and Gabbana, Chanel, and Hermes from high end clients. She takes these items and catalogues them, photographs them, and then lists them into eBay auctions for people to purchase. Once they sell, the buyer get top brand clothing for less, and both the seller and the House of consignment get a good chunk of change in their pockets.

Furthermore, Corri doesn't just stop there. She also makes the effort to do house calls also known as closet cleanouts with high end, wealthy clients. In doing so, she gets a bulk of items to list onto eBay auctions, and also get to hear the wonderful stories that are connected with various different pieces of clothing or accessories.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on VH1
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 18, 2012
Beauty & Fashion, Reality
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House of Consignment Full Episode Guide

  • When Corri hosts a very personal closet clean out at her very own house the girls of eDrop-Off make some unforgettable discoveries.

  • Corri and her staff face eDropOff''s biggest challenge ever, a massively publicized Charity Warehouse Sale.

  • Corri heads to Los Angeles in an effort to expand her business.

  • Corri keeps the launch of her own jewelry line a secret. Meanwhile, Corri's mother arrives for a visit.

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