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Victims of poor fashion sense get a makeover and new wardrobe on the television series How Do I Look? Friends, co-workers and family turn in the fashion hopeless victim, who is usually also going through a significant life event such as starting a new job or beginning college. If the contestant accepts the help of these friends, an evaluation of that contestant's current wardrobe pursues, followed by an entire hair, makeup and clothing makeover.

Two accomplices who are particularly close family or friends of the contestant have an important say in the makeover. They are joined by a professional stylist who makes up the third accomplice. The host of the show, originally Finola Hughes, followed by Jeannie Mai, first leads the accomplices in selecting pieces of the contestant's current wardrobe to throw away. The accomplices are brutally honest, critiquing the contestant's look. The contestant is then pulled aside for a one-on-one talk with the host, expressing their feelings about the critique, the reasons for their current wardrobe and their fears about the makeover.

In the next segment of the show, each of the three accomplices is sent out to shop for three outfits they think would be perfect for the contestant. Their choices attempt to combine the contestant's personal taste with a more flattering, fashionable look. Each accomplice also selects a hair and makeup style for the contestant, pictured on a celebrity who has worn the style. The three makeover options are then revealed to the contestant, who is able to try on the outfits and guess which accomplice chose each set of looks. The accomplices get to watch the contestant's reactions to their makeover choices from another room.

Without knowing which accomplice chose which makeover, the contestant then chooses one makeover set. This choice remains a secret as the contestant heads to a salon to receive the chosen makeover. At the end of the show, the contestant reveals which look was chosen to both the viewers and the accomplices. Walking down a catwalk, the contestant asks, How do I look? The accomplice who chose the look is then made known to the contestant.

Mondays 10:00 PM et/pt on Style
6 Seasons, 130 Episodes - Canceled
January 16, 2004
How Do I Look?
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  • We're going Down Under to Sydney to help a mother of two who is obsessed with the '80s.

  • A woman attempts to start a new life in Hollywood, but her ripped-up style is holding her back.

  • A feisty mom's wardrobe alienates her family and future in-laws and sets a bad example for her young daughter.

  • A woman who loves tight clothes receives a fashion makeover.

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