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The How Do They Do It documentary series on the Science Channel explores how the technological objects and engineered processes of the modern world function. Ordinary items like helicopters, street lights, elevators and GPS systems are explained in great detail, both in how they came to be as well as how they become systems. The show also highlights how science and engineering contribute to making modern human life easier, more productive or safe with machinery and scientific discovery.

These half-hour episodes span a wide range of topics from cutting-edge technology to putting food on the table. The series breaks down into steps subjects like how different service companies manage to run smoothly day after day. How UPS delivers packages around the world on a timely schedule, or Peterbuilt Trucks consistently creates complex yet safe vehicles, or how giant cruise ships become a small, self-sustaining city on the sea are all covered. Other episodes explore everyday luxuries such as how windshield wipers work, or how orange juice is manufactured, to how sushi arrives at the restaurant table. High-tech question are also answered like how do hovercrafts or space satellites work, and how did they build an indoor ski resort in the middle of the desert.

The science and technology of these segments is presented in a clear and straightforward style, appropriate to all ages. The series reveals surprising details about the modern world and how human beings have come to rely on so many technological breakthroughs and shares the history of how these practices developed. From the development of cowboy hats to preparing the space shuttle for lift-off, this educational series focuses on the contribution of technology, as well as how new breakthroughs might develop in the future.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Science Channel
10 Seasons, 171 Episodes - Currently Airing
May 6, 2006
Science & Technology
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How Do They Do It? Full Episode Guide

  • Find out how to build the world's toughest mobile home, how an ice rink is resurfaced in minutes, how tuning forks are made, and how they put on the world's biggest festival of lights.

  • Find out how the world's sharpest photos are taken, what it takes to create an airbag that can catch a falling care, and how jelly beans are made.

  • Find out how coffee is raosted, how the bricks that built America are built, how lava lamps are made, and how they diamonds are mined from an extinct volcano.

  • Find out how longboards are made, what it takes to turn lemons into lemonade, and how a forklift is built.

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