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Huge is a television show that goes up against the grain of body image and weight issues that plague young teenaged females. Willamena Radar played by Nikki Blonsky gets sent to "fat camp" by her parents. Willamena who refuses to see herself as a defective has the double added pressure of having parents who own a lifestyle health club chain called CORE. Willamena's struggle to love and embrace her weight (despite outside pressure to shed the extra pounds) are at the center of the shows premise. Her two good friends Amber and Becca bound together with her to give a complete perspective of what it is to live in a world gone "skinny" crazy.

The show takes you on a journey with Willamena as she struggles with her weight along with other teenage years issues. Along the way there are plenty of interesting characters at the camp to keep her company for the summer.

Characters like Alistar- who already knows he has "girly" tastes and preferences. Trent the "Jock" with the good heart (he's been known to befriend and chat with Alistar from time to time). Willamena's secret crush is Ian a young aspiring musician (played by Ari Stidham). Ian is creatively insecure and defensively sarcastic but finds a natural creative partner in Willamena who sometimes helps him with his song writing efforts.

Dr. Dorthy Rand (played by Gina Torres) is the camp director and she is a member of Overeaters Anonymous and also has food related issues herself that add to the surrounding tension. There is the handsome camp counselor George (played by Zander Eckhouse) he's the camp counselor that all the teenage girls at camp have a summer camp crush on.

The show has unique characters that help to pull the audience into the world of "fat camps" and weight obsession and all the struggles that the characters are dealing with to overcome these issues.

1 Season, 10 Episodes - Canceled
June 28, 2010
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Huge Full Episode Guide

  • Parent's weekend continues at Camp Victory while a new romance begins between two campers.

  • Chloe and Allistair celebrate their birthdays - separately -until Chloe's exclusive "popular kids only" party brings the two together under some unfortunate circumstances, causing Chloe to get upset.

  • The campers at Camp Victory are under immense pressure as news of the first weigh-in circulates. While the campers anxiously wait to see if their goals have been met, Dr. Rand learns from staff members that Shay's daughter is ill, bringing her to the realization that she is an outsider among her own team.

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