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Hunter X Hunter is a popular anime, or Japanese animation, show. It was based off of a manga, also known as a Japanese comic, and closely follows the same story line. The show centers around the main character, a young boy named Gon Freecss. Gon's father was a great hunter. Hunters are adventurous sorts who brave wilderness and danger in order to complete many different tasks, including finding various treasures and studying or capturing specific creatures. Unfortunately, this meant that Gon was left with family members at a young age, and has not seen his father in quite a while.

The danger of the lifestyle of a hunter does not turn Gon off, however. In fact, Gon decides that he too wants to become one of the world's best hunters. He is not only interested in the excitement of the profession, but hopes that one day, his travels will lead him to his father.

In order to be a great hunter, Gon trains as hard as he can in his small town. Eventually, he feels that he is ready to pass the Hunter Examination, a test that every would-be hunter must complete. Gon sets out on the first leg of his journey, ready to face whatever the world throws at him.

Right away, Gon's friendly and outgoing personality begins to make him friends. Several other people who are also taking the Hunter Examination notice how strong and clever Gon is. Gon decides to work together with three others, hoping that teamwork will help them pass the rigorous test. However, passing the test is only the first part of Gon's journey. Over the course of the series, Gon and the many friends he meets will face numerous challenges. As Gon continues on his journey, he encounters creatures he never expected to meet, and also faces any adversity that comes his way.

Fuji TV
1 Season, 148 Episodes
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Hunter X Hunter Full Episode Guide

  • Gon climbs the world's tallest tree, and at the top he finds his father, Ging, whom he's been searching for all along. Gon wants to tell Ging all about his journey so far: about leaving his hometown of Whale Island to find him, about passing the rigorous Hunter Exam and becoming a Pro Hunter, and about all the precious friends he made along the way. Gon's first experience spending time with Ging as father and son awaits him.

  • The Chimera Ant Koala confesses his sins to a redheaded girl. When Koala finishes his confession, the girl quietly begins to talk. Meanwhile, Gon has discovered that Kite is actually still alive and goes to see him. What will Gon say when they finally meet?

  • Gon's recovery is celebrated by the Hunters assembled in the Association headquarters. And Gon finally meets his father Ging for the first time. The Ging from the photograph in Mito's house. The Ging that Satotz, Razor, and Kite spoke of. That Ging is now waving at Gon. Gon runs over to speak to Ging.

  • The election for chairman is now on its 8th vote. Beans releases the results of the vote which are displayed on the screen for everyone to see and there is quite a stir. The result is that Leorio is in 1st while Pariston is in 2nd. However, Leorio failed to secure 50% of the vote so there will be a final vote between the top two vote-getters. Meanwhile, back in Gon's hospital, Alluka wakes up after napping on Killua's lap. Killua makes his forbidden wish to Something.

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