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I Almost Got Away with It is a collection of stories of criminals who are doing everything in their power to escape from prison and stay out. The viewer will be captivated by the unbelievable tales of these hardened criminals being on the run. It is a different form of cop show that shows law enforcement trying desperately to track them down. These law enforcement professionals will do whatever it takes and use all resources available to them to capture these individuals.

In its sixth season, I Almost Got Away with It gives a unique perspective into the life of a criminal and their desperate desire to escape. One of the episodes titled Got To Murder My Own Family portraits James Wiley. James is serving out a life sentence in Wyoming for murdering his three younger brothers and his step mother. James escapes and uses a semi-truck as his method out of town. The show follows his despairing endeavor as he hides under the wheel of a semi and later heads into the wilderness in Wyoming. Foolishly, he calls his friend to ask for his help. This phone call gets him sent right back to prison.

The show follows these criminals and demonstrates their thought process. It expresses the desperation of these people and how being behind bars can affect them mentally. This show does not get a great deal of attention because of the channel that it airs on. However; the faithful followers call this show a wonderful crime drama series. The escapes showed are successful at first and it all comes down to the criminal doing something really stupid and eventually letting their guard down; this is how they get caught.

I Almost Got Away with It has a wow factor, as these desperate criminals will do anything to stay out of prison. One episode follows a criminal as he steals Crystal Gayle's tour bus. Usually, there are other crimes committed along the way, like robbing gas stations or convenience marts. With an inside view of the criminal masterminds, it shows the public just how real escaping from prison is. It also portrays just how dangerous the job of law enforcement is and the types of situations they find themselves faced with each and every day.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
8 Seasons, 92 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 12, 2010
Action & Adventure, Crime, Reality
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  • Desperate for their next high, Michael Kidd, Kevin Crandall, and Marcus Thompson join forces on Halloween night to break into upscale homes in search of cash. But the crime spree becomes a terrifying hostage situation when they commit a home invasion.

  • Featuring the 1997 escape of six inmates from Western Penitentiary in Pennsylvania.

  • After a botched robbery, Darryl Norris faces murder charges and prison time. He pulls off a brilliant escape through the ceiling of his cell and plans to flee the country. But authorities are determined to find him and lock him up permanently.

  • In debt after suffering an accident, Jaime Jones turns to bank robberies to solve his problems.

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