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The television series is about an organization or group of attorneys known as the Innocence Project. These attorneys investigate criminal cases that have resulted in individuals being incarcerated for various crimes. However, some of the individuals have been found innocent because of evidence Innocence Project has found concerning whatever the individual was charged with and imprisoned for. Mark Godrey, who is a member of the Ohio Innocence Project group decides to investigate a case for a family after he checks the evidence used to convict a man of murder and rape. As with other attorneys involved with Innocence Project he must do his own investigation before he can actually take a case offered to him.

In the case that he takes, he learns that there was not any physical evidence that actually linked the suspect to the case. With farther investigation, Project Innocence learns that the niece who was involved in the case admitted to her aunt several years later that she was not really sure that the suspect was her uncle.

Another case involves a man who spent more than two decades in prison for a crime he did not commit. Evidence of his innocence had been kept hidden in a lock box which was found under a lawyer's bed. When the evidence was presented to a court, the man was given a new trial and found not guilty.

Chris Ochoa and Richard Danzinger signed a false confession admitting to a crime they did not commit. To get them to sign the false confession, they were told that they would be given a life sentence instead of facing the death penalty. However, after serving more than ten years in prison, another inmate confessed that he was the person who had committed the crime and not Chris and Richard.

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  • Lindy begins a secret relationship with a guy from Ditka High's rival high school. Garrett thinks that Delia was his first kiss.

  • Lindy invites Jasmine and Delia over for a slumber party. Logan and Garrett accidentally get locked in a dog cage!

  • Following a sibling fight on Christmas, an ornament falls on Logan's head, knocks him out and he is transported to a world where the group never became friends.

  • Lindy has to figure out how to get back Garrett's stolen bike. Logan joins the band so he can get a massive locker.

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