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I Hate My Bath is a bathroom makeover design series on the DIY Network. It features Jeff Delvin, a licensed contractor who renovates homeowner's bathrooms into updated sleek spaces. While mindful of budget restrictions, Jeff's design choices are budget-friendly, as he is an expert in utilizing every square inch of the smallest room in the home. From new toilets, decorative sinks, and sleek flooring, Jeff and his crew of woodworkers, craftsmen, plumbers, and electricians transform dull spaces into updated masterpieces.

While visiting the client's homes, Jeff conducts a consultation to find out their vision of what changes they would like to see in the space. With function as the ultimate goal, Jeff conveys space-planning designs and ideas that coincide with the homeowner's everyday needs.

With new products and technological services available, Jeff makes suggestions as to the wide selection of products they can incorporate into their bathrooms. The homeowner may select a pricey decorative sink but opt for a more budget-friendly style of flooring and cabinetry. The client makes decisions as to what style they are seeking to create. From there, Jeff takes the client to a bathroom showroom to make their selections.

Demolishing the entire space is a common choice. However, using subtle changes such as painting and accessories is all that is necessary to give the space an updated look. The most popular change in bathrooms is overhauling the shower by using glass tiles, sleek hardware, and the installation of a steam feature. In many cases, the only change could be to update the floors, change the wall color, or install a decorative shower curtain. However, in most cases, it is necessary to gut the entire bathroom and start off with a clean slate. As the transformation begins, Jeff and his crew install the clients' selections as they make over the space into a more efficient and functional room.

By the end of the episode, decorative towel bars, mirrors, lighting and colors give the space a fresher, cleaner, revitalized look. The homeowners are pleased with the space and thrilled to utilize their new room.

Tuesday 10:30 PM et/pt on DIY Network
4 Seasons, 51 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 13, 2011
Reality, Family, How To
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I Hate My Bath Full Episode Guide

  • A couple with a family-friendly home built on a big lot have a huge eye sore on the second-floor: the bathroom.

  • Jeff Devlin transforms a tiny, tired bathroom into an open, elegant space complete with marble tiles and a huge lighted mirror with makeup vanity.

  • Homeowners Paul and Jean have a bathroom that's just too big, with too many things in it.

  • Jen and Joel's two bathrooms are hideous and barely functional. Watch as Jeff Devlin combines the two to create one beautiful bathroom.

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