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I Hate My Kitchen is a design series on the DIY Network. It features James Young, a licensed contractor and electrician who renovates ugly, old, and worn out kitchens into budget friendly updated spaces for homeowners. From updating cabinets, to selecting energy efficient appliances, flooring and updated paint colors, James and his crew transform spaces for homeowners who are on a budget and are in dire need of an updated look. Quite often, kitchens have never been renovated and are in the original state when the home was built.

James visits the clients at their homes in an effort to get an understanding of what the homeowner would like to change in the space to make it more functional and efficient. They discuss a wide variety of new products on the market and innovative tools they can incorporated into their spaces. These new changes are all budget friendly and are selected because of their durability of everyday use and how well they will stand the test of time. The client decides what style they are seeking to create. In some episodes the clients have chosen Tuscan, Country, Shabby Chic, Retro, Contemporary, and Colonial.

In some design plans, it is not necessary to demolish the entire kitchen. All that may be needed is to update the cabinets with new molding and paint, or sand down the old worn wood flooring so it may be re-stained. However, in most cases, it is necessary to gut the entire kitchen and start off with a clean slate. Depending on the budget of the client, this is the preferable way.

The transformation begins as James and the homeowners work together to create a new floor plan that will function more efficiently. New flooring, appliances, countertops, backsplashes, lighting and accessories are selected to give the space a much needed update.

By the end of the episode, the homeowners are delighted with the changes and all of the budget friendly choices James has selected.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
6 Seasons, 77 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 5, 2010
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I Hate My Kitchen Full Episode Guide

  • Micaela just moved into her first home, a 1950s two-bedroom rambler that was in need of a lot of love.She's done a great job at clean and painting, but the kitchen remains a disaster.The dingy cabinets don't stay shut and have been known to hit her in the head. The appliances are old and don't work, the sink is permanently stained and the countertops are dated and chipped. The floor is coming up in parts and the pink brick backsplash is layered with grease. With a budget of $24,000, James helps Micaela transform her kitchen into the cozy, comfy space she wants. Bright apple-green and white cabinets make the new space pop. A funky button backslash, open shelving, and a DIY pot rack give the room personality. But it's the clever use of removable gingham wallpaper on the ceiling that takes this kitchen transformation to new heights.

  • A young couple love their historic home's charm, but hate the kitchen that was last updated at a time when baby blue laminate and pink flowers were popular. With help from contractor James Young, the couple take down walls and create an open concept kitchen, that mixes traditional elements with funky pieces that match their personalities. The new kitchen's centerpiece is a huge DIY butcher block island that costs a fraction of what it costs in stores. They also update unsightly radiator covers, create easy DIY shutters and install beautiful large-format rectified tiles. In typical fashion for James, the new hardwood floors come with a twist, and the built-in bar stools are one-of-a-kind. The transformation leaves the couple nearly speechless, all for a budget of $25,000.

  • Two young sisters share a condo they have lovingly updated into a chic, modern living space. But the kitchen is stuck in the 80s, and they need licensed contractor James Young's help to turn it into the open-concept entertaining space that fits their lifestyle.

  • Newlyweds ask licensed contractor James Young for help updating their dated 70s kitchen. Their appliances are old and out of date, and the style clashes with the rest of their tastefully decorated house. James helps the couple open up walls and shows how to save money by reusing and updating the kitchen cabinets.

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