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I Shouldn't Be Alive is a program composed of the testimonies of people who have survived various situations in which death was all but certain and various staged reenactments of the story told by the survivor. Such stories are told as people on a yacht getting caught in a storm and after the yacht sinks surviving in shark infested waters, traveling into the amazon and contracting trenchfoot, getting lost, and nearly starving to death, as well as being trapped under a bolder, taking a wrong turn and ending up stuck deep in a snowy national park, stepping on landmines and subsequently being kidnapped in Mozambique, getting shipwrecked on a deserted island, and surviving a plane crash in the middle of nowhere in Africa.

The program shifts from the testimony of those that survived a situation telling what is more often than not a heart-wrenching and frightening tale of their near-death experience in a place they never intended to find themselves to the dramatic reenactments of the events that possess a quality not unlike the old American shows "Unsolved Mysteries" and "Fact or Fiction". Between the real stories and dramatizations, the viewer could quite easily find himself fully engaged in these stories as if they, themselves, were there.

The other focus on the show is the underlying story of the how these people survived the scenario they were despite all odds being stacked against them. Sometimes the survivors describe conserving water and signaling for help to be the thing they did that allowed them to survive. Sometimes, as in the case of the man trapped underneath the boulder, a friend already with them and has some prior knowledge of medicine or survival tactics is their only hope of surviving. In other situations, such as the Israeli gentlemen being lost in the Amazon jungle, they know that most travel is by boat and walk the river in order to be discovered and rescued more easily and are only found after they have already given up due to nearly succumbing to starvation and fatigue.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
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  • A rare, violent storm threatens the lives of the crew of a rescue helicopter.

  • A sightseeing tour to Mayan ruins turns deadly when one traveller becomes lost in the dense, unforgving jungle. In temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and with no food or water, one man faces a desperate fight for his life.

  • Two men find themselves stranded in an Alaskan wilderness full of bears after their plane crashes.

  • A scuba diver's worst nightmare comes true when he gets carried out to sea by an unsuspecting rip current.

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