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I Want That is a run through of innovative building products, so you can start your own DIY projects at home. The types of building products that are in the show ranges from home wiring to building materials. They inform you of the different options that there are out there and what is readily available to you.

The half-hour episodes are filled with informative tips and ideas on different ways to renovate or remodel your home. I Want That provides a fresh outlook on the tedious job of reconstruction or remodeling. Not only is I Want That informative it is also affordable. The projects and products are very suitable for a smaller price range.

If you are looking at away to improve your home or just new ideas and products to freshen up your home I Want That is a good source of information to utilize. The different types innovations that I Want That goes over can help you make your life easier. Other such innovations like I said before can be use to keep your house fresh like innovations that help your cook, clean, or lay-back and relax.

I Want That is modern in their ideas and over all show some of their innovations are not only helpful to you but also the environment. They are aware and try to incorporate that awareness in their show. I Want That shows you better ways to improve your lives and the lives of your family and friends .Not only is show packed with different ideas it is also only 30 min show that you can use to fill your free time slot. If you are interested in the show I advise your to take a look at and decides its value your self.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
5 Seasons, 58 Episodes - Currently Airing
Home & Garden, Reality
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  • Featuring a handheld tripod for smart device photography, rechargeable heated slippers, a versatile vase that reshapes to your needs, ceiling fans without blades, an unbreakable tool kit, and hooded pillowcases made for comfort and privacy.

  • Featuring a portable cup holder that fits between the handles of a rolling suitcase, a plant care device with a smartphone app, tape dispensers designed especially for duct tape, a space efficient hanging cat condo, furniture kits for building affordable custom tables, a magnetic iPhone charging system that hangs on the wall, and a set of reusable bags with some carrying extras.

  • Featuring a drying system for sports equipment, the first and only PCB energy efficient light bulb, an extendable telescoping magnetic flashlight, stylish ottomans with secret shoe storing pockets, stone tile veneers made from granite scraps, and a memory game for kids using photo tiles.

  • Featuring a mattress pad that heats and cools with water, custom-made wallpaper using maps as art, reusable juice boxes, journals that go from digital to personalized paper books, a WI-FI smart thermostat with voice control, multi-organizational carryalls with a vintage look, and a solar powered cat toy.

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