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I was Impaled is about horrific and devastating stories. It tells the stories of a man’s esophagus being ripped, to something being wedged in someone's cranium. It also shows the doctors that have to operate on these people and what they have to do during surgery.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Fit & Health
1 Season, 6 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 8, 2012
Drama, Family
I Was Impaled
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I Was Impaled Full Episode Guide

  • A pole penetrates a man's mouth and neck; a man accidentally swallows a sewing needle; a 75-year-old man discovers a nail embedded in his face; and a truck driver is impaled by a pole.

  • A man is injured while mowing his lawn; a 3-year-old swallows three magnets; a woman discovers a bug in her ear; and a carpenter gets a splinter in his eye.

  • A surfboard becomes embedded in a man's head; a motocross rider gets a stick stuck in his face; a cyclist almost loses his leg during a race; a rugby player gets a tooth lodged in his head; and a skier crashes into a fence.

  • A woman is impaled by a Christmas tree; a boy accidentally swallows a barbed fishing hook; and a man is injected with compressed air.

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