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Television series Ice Adonis is a Korean drama set in the present day. Murders, intrigues and betrayals are all part of the scene. The good characters try to uncover the truth, while evil characters try to do everything within their power to keep the lies hidden. Ice Adonis showcases several dramatic points in the life of a young impressionable girl, Seol Yeon Hwa. She has been imprisoned for a horrendous murder, a crime she did not commit. She tries to get released from prison and tries to unravel all the lies and plots surrounding the murder that sent her unjustly to prison.

On her release, young Yeon Hwa is relentlessly hounded by cops and lawmen. Some of the cops are truly honest, while some seem less trustworthy. Her own family is full of conniving women all with plots and plans of their own. Powerful men in high places seem to take a keen interest in Yeon Hwa, and they also try to thwart the truth. What really is being covered up? It turns out that the initial murder Yeon Hwa went to prison for is just the first of many crimes committed by these people.

Her evil Grandma and sister have more than their share of things to cover up. They lie at every turn, and through hired hit-men and burglars commit crimes left and right. They frame Yeon Hwa for nearly every crime imaginable, using her as a broad scapegoat.

Ice Adonis does what many television dramas fail to do. It has a strong storyline with seemingly unlimited ways to torment our feminine hero. Evil corporations, murdering family and corrupt lawmen are the bread and cheese of Ice Adonis. Hurled in the vortex of these criminals is the pure Yeon Hwa, who must singlehandedly bring an end to treachery. She is offered help from many places. Cops want to see justice done, wealthy businessmen want to keep her safely out of the way, and her sister and grandma want to offer her a safe place to stay. None of them can be fully trusted.

1 Season, 106 Episodes - Canceled
February 27, 2012
Korean Drama
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Ice Adonis Full Episode Guide

  • Ice Adonis comes to a stunning conclusion as years of manipulation and deceit culminate into a complex tale of forgiveness, love, and acceptance.

  • Yoo Ra and Yeon Hwa's hatred for each other escalates into a physical fight. Later, Chairwoman Julia offers Yeon Hwa an immense proposition.

  • The truth finally begins to emerge as Chairwoman Julia reveals her identity to Yoon Jae and Choi Yoo Ra runs for her life.

  • A shocking turn of events leaves everyone speechless and eager to catch the culprit. Meanwhile, Yeon Hwa's TV program finally airs.

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