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For the last six years the History Channel has broadcast a television series titled; "Ice Road Truckers". The reason for the title is that it covers, in documentary fashion, several big rig truck drivers, driving over ice covered lakes and rivers. Each episode concerns itself with a few drivers and the problems they encounter, while driving on the most dangerous roads in the world.

The team spirit, coupled with the life threatening aspects of the job, make this series on the History Channel very different. The drivers are in the worst possible environments any driver could imagine. Snow, ice, freezing weather and treacherous road conditions, make this series unique and thrilling.

"Ice Road Truckers" also looks at the truck drivers themselves. Their own personal outlooks on their job. The reasons why each one of them chose to engage in such a life and death occupation. How they react to the other drivers. How they support and evaluate their fellow drivers. Finally how they examine and solve the numerous problems they encounter on the road.

This series is unique in one other aspect also. It invites the viewer to experience the excitement of watching life and death struggles as they happen. There are other reality series on television. But they don't deliver the edge-of-your seat chills that this show gives.

"Ice Road Truckers" is an ongoing series. There are few shows that will hook you right from the start. This is the most successful reality shows the History Channel has ever broadcast.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
9 Seasons, 123 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 17, 2007
Documentary & Biography, Reality
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Ice Road Truckers Full Episode Guide

  • Lisa and Todd fight their way across the frozen Hudson Bay; Darrell maneuvers through a very torn-up trail; Art is challenged by the only remaining open-ice crossing; and Alex gets slammed into by a tanker.

  • Rival companies unite to hual a cat train across the frozen Hudson Bay, but the heavy load breaks the ice.

  • Darrell and Lisa have a difficult trail home on the winter roads that are thawing early. Art and the King of Obsolete must move a huge double trailer across a slippery path. Alex Debogorski struggles to deliver to a helpless town prior to the road closing. Meanwhile, Todd Burke is inventive in getting over a melted ice crossing.

  • Melting roads escalate the competition between big rigs. Also, one truck struggles through a mud-covered mountain.

Ice Road Truckers News

'Ice Road Trucker: Deadliest Roads' Star Facing Serious Heat After Kidnapping and Beating a Prostitute

Former star of History Channel's "Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads" Timothy Zickuhr is due in court next month to answer to some serious charges - kidnapping, extortion, and coercion.

'Ice Road Truckers' Returns Soon, Promises 'Twice the Ice'

One of History channel's shows that isn't about WWII returns with a brand-new season just a couple of weeks. That's right, folks: it's ice road truckin' time. Season five of "Ice Road Truckers" will hit History on Sunday, June 5th. The show quickly found a loyal fan base when it premiered back in 2007, for reasons only they could tell you. Is it the constant threat of a fiery death for the truckers?

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