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I’m In The Band is a thirty-minute sitcom starring Logan Miller as Tripp Campbell. Tripp is fifteen years old and lives in Los Angeles. He has dreams of rock stardom and when winning a radio sponsored contest results in him having dinner with his all-time favorite band Iron Weasel, he uses the opportunity to make his dreams come true. Against all odds, Tripp auditions to become their new lead guitar player and gets the gig.

In truth, Iron Weasel’s star has dimmed in recent years and they are in need of a major comeback. At first the idea of adding a young teen to their line-up seems out of the question, but the combination of Tripp’s playing ability and his offer to let the band move in with him and his single parent mom (Beth Littleford), sways them to change their minds.

Tripp and his zany new bandmates embark on a series of comic misadventures in their attempt to regain rock ’n’ roll credibility. Also starring Stephen Full as drummer Ash Tyler, Gregg Baker as bassist Burger Pitt, and Steve Valentine as singer Derek Jupiter, the one Brit in the band.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Disney XD
2 Seasons, 41 Episodes - Canceled
November 27, 2009
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  • Tripp's archaeologist dad visits and must rescue Ash from a thief who is holding him hostage for a priceless artifact.

  • The guys prove they are still edgy rockers when a magazine article claims they have gone soft. As part of their plan, they create an Iron Weasel cover band called Mini Weasel.

  • When he discovers the Weasels having a toxic waste fight at school, Principal Jenkins claims they are terrible influences on Tripp. Horrified that Beth left the rockers to look after her son, Jenkins sends a social services rep to investigate.

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