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Insane Coaster Wars is a Travel Channel program that first aired in 2012. Insane Coaster Wars has run for two seasons, and a third season will begin to air in July of 2014. Each season of Insane Coaster Wars consists of seven hour-long episodes. Each episode of Insane Coaster Wars deals with a specific category of roller coaster. This includes types of coasters such a wooden coaster, hanging coasters, and water coasters. Each episode of Insane Coaster Wars explores four coasters in the category. The four coasters that will be discussed on each episode are announced before the airing of the episode. Viewers have the chance to vote on which one is the best coaster, and the one that receives the most votes is declared the winning coaster. Insane Coaster Wars discusses the unique features of each coaster, and experts are interviewed about why they think the coaster is the best.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
3 Seasons, 21 Episodes - Canceled
July 8, 2012
Documentary & Biography
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  • The battle heads to MO for the 4th fastest wooden coaster in the world, for a legendary 21-story plunge in the UK, to fly through the air in TX on the 2nd tallest vertical loop in the world and drop a 100-ft at 55 MPH in Mexico.

  • The battle rolls into Ohio for a winged coaster that flips riders before taking a 164-ft nosedive. Next, it's Japan for the world's longest steel coaster with a 318-ft drop. Then, a 4G ride in Florida and a 590-deg helix in Spain

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