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Inside the Actors Studio is a television show that serves to have a new actor on each episode and have them interviewed with interesting questions. The host of the show is James Lipton. The show is taped on a college campus in New York. Each show has a live audience of students to watch the interview. In this way each show acts like a seminar for young actors where they are able to gather advice from some of the top actors in the business. The actors give these students advice each episode on acting and working in the business but they also share a great deal of their personal lives with the audience. The show has a very intimate feel.

The setting of the show is very simple. On the curtained stage sits a small table and two chairs, nothing more. There is nothing fancy or glamorous about the set up. If anything it is a little bland in appearance. For some reason this set up seems to work at putting these famous actors at ease. They often open up about their private lives and experiences on Inside the Actors Studio more than any other show. While the non-descript setting certainly seems to put them at ease, James Lipton himself is certainly partly responsible for their relaxed and open demeanor.

James Lipton comes across in a non-judgemental way. He has a relaxing aura and he seems to know what to say at the correct times. He doesn't seem like he is judging them and therefore most actors seem to blossom and open up to him almost without a thought. Inside the Actors Studio is on the Bravo network and it is one of their top shows. If you enjoy shows that delve into people's personal lives, especially the lives of famous actors, then you might enjoy catching some episodes of Inside the Actors Studio.

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  • Presenting a laugh-out-loud episode with iconic stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman. Host James Lipton sits down with the two-time Emmy-winning performer in anticipation of her leading role in the upcoming film, I Smile Back.

  • Featuring critically-acclaimed actor Jim Parsons in hot pursuit of his new Broadway play, An Act of God. Parsons is best known for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper in CBS’s The Big Bang Theory which earned him four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

  • Featuring musician Sting.

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