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The Canadian based crime drama, Intelligence, involves Ian Tracey playing a top organized crime boss named Jimmy Reardon. Reardon is given immunity from being prosecuted if assists the cities Organized Crime Unit. Opposite to Tracey is Klea Scott as Mary Spalding, director of the OCU. They work together to achieve goals that will ultimately provide protection from varying threats. Spalding is trying to protect her career from Assistant Director Altman, while Reardon fends off his territory from the Disciples Motorcycle club who are attempting to control the money laundering industry and drug trade.

Intelligence was produced by Haddock Entertainment and created by Chris Haddock, who has received a Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for his contributions to the British Columbia film and television industry. The pilot for the series first aired on November 28th, 2005 on CBC. It began its regular broadcast almost one year later in October of 2006 running 2 seasons until December, 2007.

The pilot which aired as a TV movie, began with Reardon as the head of a third generation crime family in Vancouver. He is attempting to handle the family business while juggling a fractured family. During this time the Vancouver Organized Crime Unity headed by Mary Spalding, has him under surveillance. Spalding is also dealing with professional and family matters which are taking their toll on her as well. She is approached by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to recruit someone already deep in organized crime to expand their intelligence network. After some reservations Reardon accepts the role as an informant following the abduction of his daughter.

Though the pilot tv movie ran 87 minutes, when the series began its broadcast of 25 episodes ran 60 minutes each. It was syndicated for the United States by Sony Pictures and aired in over 40 countries.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
October 10, 2006
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  • Blackmire's public campaign over Canadian water rights has the Prime Minister's Office worried.

  • Mary discovers that the Blackmire group is really a CIA front and her career could be seriously jeopardized if she handles this the wrong way.

  • After Phan's second in command is murdered only days after Dante's lieutenant, Reardon is convinced that the Americans are in Vancouver trying to take over the weed scene.

  • Seeing an opening that could make CSIS a real player in the arena of international intelligence, Mary asks Reardon to open up his eastern drug operations to two rival gangs.

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