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Iron Empress is a Korean television show that tells the dramatic and historic tale of Empress Cheonchu. Cheonchu, played by Chae Shi-ra, has lived her entire life as a royal personage. She was born into the ruling family and became the queen by marrying her cousin, Emperor Gyeongjong. It seems that Cheonchu's life will be one of strict order. However, everything changes when her husband dies. Suddenly, Cheonchu realizes that she can reach out and take control of her own life.

In her new role as Dowager Empress, Cheonchu begins to act on her grandmother's dream of reclaiming lands lost to enemies. She quickly becomes known as a warrior, or iron, empress and gains respect from many political figures. However, even as she is gaining power and status, Cheonchu's personal life is going downhill.

When Cheonchu's husband the emporer died, Cheonchu's own brother, Seongjong, took the throne. When Seongjong sees that Cheonchu's focus is almost entirely on defeating her enemies, he realizes that she may not be the right person to raise her son, Mokjong. Seongjong is concerned because he knows that Mokjong will succeed him and believes that he must personally train the young boy in order to create a proper ruler. In order to do this, Seongjong takes Mokjong and raises him as his own.

Cheonchu soon realizes that her son is the most important thing in her life. She begins attempting to get him back from Seongjong. However, the battles she has started to regain land cannot be stopped, and her attention must be given to the issues she has created. Cheonchu must now fight an outward battle over land, while at the same time trying to once again become a mother to her son.

1 Season, 78 Episodes - Canceled
January 3, 2009
Korean Drama
Iron Empress
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Iron Empress Full Episode Guide

  • Yang Gyu and Kim Suk Hong have it out in one final battle that will determine the fate of the war and both countries.

  • King Hyun Jong and his ministers find themselves in a dire situation in the face of Khitan's army. The Empress Dowager races against time with Goyreo's army in an attempt to save them from the clutches of death.

  • As Kae Kyung falls into Khitan's cluches, King Hyun Jong and his ministers are forced to evacuate to the Southern area. Kang Jo and Dae Do Su hatch a plot to assassinate King Sung Jong.

  • After he is betrayed by Lee Hyun Woon and An Pae, Kang Jo is taken hostage in the heat of the Sam Su Chae war.

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