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One of the most recognized and sought after actors would have to be Robert Wagner. His suave sophistication, good looks and debonair style has made him one of the biggest talents in Hollywood, both on the big and small screens. Not many actors are adapt at making the transition from a movie to a television star, however, that is what Robert Wagner did and found a great deal of success doing it with the series ‘It Takes a Thief', which ran for 3 seasons from 1968 until 1970.

The show focused on Wagner's character Alex, Al, Mundy, a debonair International jewel thief who has been presented with an interesting proposal. Although acknowledged as one of the world's greatest thieves, Alex finally finds himself caught and facing a very lengthy prison term. However, this doesn't necessarily have to be Alex's fate if he is willing to accept a deal that is put before him by an American intelligence agent named Noah Bain, played by Malachi Throne.

The American intelligence agency known as SIA, which specializes in espionage, has recognized Alex's undeniable talents as a cat burglar and immediately seizes the opportunity to put those talents to good use. The deal that is being offered is that Alex will receive a full pardon for his crimes as a cat burglar and thief if he is willing to utilize his talents for the benefit of the SIA. When faced with the choice of either serving a prison sentence or utilizing the skills he is so proficient at and retaining his freedom, Alex quickly agrees to enter into the SIA's service.

Although in the service of the SIA, Alex is technically placed under a type of house arrest with Noah as his jailor. However, it's really hard to think of traveling around the world as much of a prison. This is exactly what Alex does in order to fulfill missions to help the SIA avert international disasters.

3 Seasons, 66 Episodes - Canceled
January 9, 1968
Action & Adventure, Drama
It Takes A Thief
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It Takes A Thief Full Episode Guide

  • Al Mundy matches wits with a mad scientist aboard a plane en route to a scientific meeting in Melbourne.

  • Al Mundy tries to prove he's been framed when accused of treason by an agent of the SIA.

  • Alistair Mundy recruits his son Al to join him in a plan to help King Armand save his country and daughter from scheming Gen. Contrell. Alistair buys a circus, which is scheduled to visit the kingdom to entertain Princess Carlotta and disguises himself.

  • Al Mundy's plan to steal a painting for the SIA pits him against his old nemesis, con woman Charlene Brown.

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