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Jodi Picoult's Salem Falls is based on her novel that she wrote in 2001. It is about a teacher who works at an all girls prep school. Everything is going great until one of his student's start crushing on him. When he refuses her, this opens him up to all sort of accusations and he ends up with an 8 month jail sentence. He moves to Salem Falls and starts a new life with a new girlfriend. While there he runs across another set of girls with a secret of their own, and a modern day witch hunt gets started.

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  • Based on the best selling Jodi Picoult book, former teacher Jack St. Bride moves to Salem Falls after a student's crush led to false accusations and a wrongful conviction for sexual assault. He finds a job and settles into a new routine, but everything turns when a trio of teenage girls with dark secrets (lead by manipulative Gillian Duncan) maliciously target Jack with accusations of assaulting Gillian in the woods. Now at the center of a modern day witch-hunt, Jack must once again proclaim his innocence to a town searching for answers and the woman who has come to love him.

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