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The main character in Johnny Bravo is Johnny himself, a muscular beefcake of a man who wears a pompadour hairstyle and he has an voice that resembles Elvis’. One thing about Johnny Bravo is that he is all about the ladies. Johnny Bravo goes on a series of wild adventures to get a woman to fall in love with him. In every episode they feature a new woman that Johnny falls head over heels with and puts him through a series of funny adventures in hopes of claiming her heart. Johnny Bravo proceeds to chase these women with his iconic good looks and his catchy phrases. In the end Johnny heroically gets stunned, beaten, or ditched in the end by these women.

Johnny Bravo first officially hit the television screen on July 7, 1997. Johnny got his chance with multiple seasons but ended with a bang on August 27, 2004. The ending of Johnny Bravo inspired a spin off series which did not fair as well as the original had and was taken off the air after only a season.

Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 66 Episodes - Canceled
July 7, 1997
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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  • Wilderness Protection Program: An elk pretends that she and Johnny are married elephants because she's on the run from some people she thinks are a mob out to take over the world. A Page Right Out of History: In the distant past, an same-named ancestor of Johnny living in Bedrock is rescued by Fred Flintstone, and soon finds himself doing Fred's chores as a way of repaying Fred.

  • Johnny tells Suzi a story about his first crush.

  • Johnny beleives a magician makes him invisiable

  • Johnny freaks out when he awakes with a gray hair

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