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This reality show gives you a look about the life of the Gosselin family from Indiana that had octuplets after she already had a set of twins. Much happened during the duration of this show, such as you got to go on vacation with the family and were also welcomed into their home. There are many who cannot fathom having this many kids, but you get to see how the parents actually did it. The best thing was that you got to watch the kids as they were growing up.

The couple did invitro feterilization in order to concieve the six. The camera allowed people to be there from the very beginning. They learn first hand what the life as a mom and dad of this many kids all the same age is all about. The thing that many got to see was that there were many triumphs as well as a lot of tribulations with raising this number of children.

During the show, the married couple started having marital issues. They tried to work things out within their marriage, but ended up divorcing which you learn about throughout the series.

They took all sorts of trips and many learned that it was hard for them to do much of anything. They also had to have a big van when they went places. They watched the meltdowns that Kate sometimes had due to the stress of being a mother let alone of this many children.

The one thing that many loved was how organized and healthy the family was. Kate was a nurse before she became a mom of this many children. She had things in order and fed her children only the healthiest food.

In some episodes, they allowed the viewers to write in with questions that they might have for the couple. It was all about educating the viewers on a life that some question as many who don't agree with in vitro fertilization. In the end, the couple decided that it was too much exposure to the public that made them rethink the show and not sign for another season.

5 Seasons, 117 Episodes - Canceled
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  • Jon has commissioned the guys at OCC to build him a bike.

  • In the series finale Kate and the kids milk cows at a dairy farm. Jon and the kids learn about firefighting and help out at a firestation. Then, Jon and Kate speak about recent life events, the series and the ups and downs of the last few years.

  • For the Gosselin kids, it's time for some sporty fun! Kate enrolls all the kids in gymnastics classes and the tumbling begins. When it's Jon's turn, he takes the kids to a local minor league baseball game.

  • Kate shares never before seen footage from the cutting room floor. The family decides to get passports for a big trip, Kate celebrates her 10th wedding anniversary with the kids, Jon tries to train the dogs and Kate hits the road for her book signing.

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Report: Kate Gosselin Made Her Nannies Eavesdrop on Jon & Kids

Have you ever watched "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and wondered what's really going on behind the scenes? One of the reality TV couple's nannies is here to answer all your questions. Basically, according to the E! News interview with one of Kate Gosselin's former employees, the house was a nightmare in which nothing was allowed to be on the floor, even shoes, and telephone calls were monitored.

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