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With legions of fans around the world the animated TV series Jonny Quest has been captivating television viewers for several decades now. This cartoon show has achieved a cult-classic type of status with viewers of all ages being fans of the show. The namesake of the series Jonny Quest is a young boy who travels around with his scientist father Dr. Benton Quest solving one adventure after another. The Quest's are usually accompanied by Jonny's bulldog named Bandit, his Indian friend and adopted brother Hadji and their bodyguard Race Bannon. Jonny Quest is widely regarded as being a groundbreaking animation series that set the tone for several other action-themed cartoon programs.

There's plenty of action in each episode of Jonny Quest with Jonny and crew often using boats, airplanes and various types of experimental flying craft. The semi-realistic cartoon artwork combined with a limited form of animation gave the characters a unique appearance and style.

The group encounters all sorts of dastardly villains including human, monster, ghost and mechanical forms. Through a combination of investigative teamwork, scientific discoveries by Dr. Quest and coincidence the crew regularly rights wrongs and saves the day. On many occasions Hadji and Bandit the bulldog help to save the group from peril.

The original Jonny Quest series was a Hanna-Barbera production that was on the air from 1964-1965 but has maintained a loyal fan base ever since through the showing of the series in reruns. In addition to the original series there were two other animated Jonny Quest television series that were presented years after the original program aired.

The plots on this animated series are quite imaginative and well-written with Jonny and crew traveling to locales around the world. With their futuristic equipment the Quest's and company are able to overcome an array of evil-doers who are intent on wreaking havoc on society.

Some of the adventures that Jonny Quest and his companions encounter include finding lost ocean vessels, foiling assassination attempts, fighting monsters and zombies and escaping from kidnappers.

Besides offering action and adventure Jonny Quest also regularly provided viewers with interesting scientific facts and trivia. Because of the continuing popularity of the television program there are many Internet web sites where the show is discussed.

1 Season, 26 Episodes - Canceled
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Jonny Quest Full Episode Guide

  • The Quests discover that Dr. Zin is developing a gold-making process in an Indian mine.

  • The Quests and their friends becomes trapped on an abandoned freighter with a sea monster.

  • A Yeti terrorizes a Tibetan village when he appears in a nearby palace.

  • Dr. Quest is kidnapped by a scientist who has developed a method for creating monstrous animals.

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