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Junjou Romantica is one of the more popular romantic animes in Japan. An anime is a type of Japanese cartoon that is geared more towards adults or older teens than towards children. Junjou Romantica, which spans two seasons and encompasses 24 episodes, was originally aired in Japan. Subtitles in English were added later so that the show could be viewed in the United States.

As the name implies, Junjou Romantica is a show that centers on the romances between one main couple and two side character couples. Unlike more traditional romances, however, the characters in these relationships are all men.

Eighteen year old Misaki was living a simple life before he decided he needed a tutor to help him study for the exams he will need to take in order to get into college. He is introduced to his older brother

Thursday 11:55 PM et/pt on Chiba TV
3 Seasons, 44 Episodes - Returning Series
April 10, 2008
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Junjou Romantica Full Episode Guide

  • Convincing Usagi to attend his own awards ceremony is an uphill battle, since he's far more interested in celebrating Misaki's birthday. Unfortunately, so is Kyo Ijuin...

  • Usagi has been acting strangely ever since the interview with Mr. Ijuin, but Misaki can't get him to say what's really on his mind.

  • When Nowaki is so busy at work that he can't come home for his own birthday, he and Kamijou start questioning their expectations of each other.

  • Usagi and Mr. Ijuin have a private conversation, which goes smashingly. Later, Misaki is forced to face an unpleasant truth about himself.

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