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Series Length:1 Season, 10 Episodes
Network: TLC

Kate and her 8 cute kids are back, tackling daily challenges and experiencing new adventures. Join the Gosselin family around their home and as they travel to exciting places.

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Genre: Reality
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Kate Plus Ei8ht: Specials Full Episode Guide

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10 Netflix Episodes
  • Kate and the kids travel across the state to Philadelphia to learn about the history of the city and their nation. They learn about the Liberty Bell, pretend to be sworn in as president and enjoy a local hockey game!

  • The Gosselins finish their adventure with a stop to New Zealand, where they meet native animals and Maori people. When the twins decide to Sky Jump from Sky Tower, will Kate be brave enough to follow?

  • The Gosselins visit Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, where the kids have an opportunity to meet unique Australian wildlife and Kate attempts to feed a crocodile.

  • Kate and the kids travel 21 hours to visit Australia, celebrating New Years Eve in Sydney. Kate attempts to swim with sharks while inside a cage, and the whole family meets some of Australia's aboriginal people.

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