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Kenichi, the Mightiest Disciple is a Japanese anime television show that has a lot to say. Each episode is a half an hour long without any wasted moments. It is a comedy drama set in high school. This is Shirahama Kenichi's first year of high school. Slight of build, studious and shy, he is struggling to fit in. Unfortunately, because he tends to be introspective, he gets bullied a lot.

Things start looking up for Kenichi when the new girl in town befriends him. Like Kenichi, Furinji Miu is also studious, but, absolutely confident in her ability to handle any situation. There is a reason for this. She is an expert in martial arts. Furinji Miu strongly pushes Kenichi to pursue the practice of martial arts at the renowned Ryzozanpaku dojo. Kenichi's days were bad enough before, but now, they are just a blur of moments. He is engaging in intense training at the dojo and fighting off some very nasty gang members of Ragnarok. His training at Ryzozanpaku eventually helps him out in a very important and dangerous way.

While training hard, a member who resents Kenichi's efforts challenges him to a fight. This member is powerful and nasty and wants Kenichi out. Shirahama Kenichi, in a total panic tells all his fears to Miu, his new confidante. He leans on her because she always keeps a cool head and seems to know just what to do in the worst situations. She teaches him a step which will be pivotal to his future success. The lesson is in a move called stepping. Just a simple move which allows an opponent to turn away from danger and leave the other opponent off balance. It is deceptively simple; Kenichi keeps tripping over his own feet trying to get it down. Eventually he does learn this move which serves him very well. The fight really looks like it will be over before it begins. Then, he remembers the stepping moves and totally out-maneuvers his opponent Daimonji, eventually winning. The terms of the fight are that the loser has to leave the dojo never to return.

Big problems develop for Kenichi, because the thugs in the dojo can't decide if Kenichi is a threat or if they can use him in some way. The story builds from this point on. There is some mature content.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 50 Episodes - Canceled
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Kenichi Full Episode Guide

  • Odin unleashes a power within himself that threatens to crack his mind and body. Kenichi is no longer just trying to survive - he must call upon all he has learned in order to save his friend.

  • With Odin able to predict his every move, Ryozanpaku's disciple makes a brilliant decision: he quits attacking in the style of Kenichi and starts fighting in the exact styles of his Masters!

  • As his friends rally behind him, Kenichi squares off with Odin. The fists fly at impossible speeds - but just as Ryozanpaku's disciple gains the edge, Ragnarok's deadliest Fist reveals his true power.

  • Kenichi is back on the scene and ready to face Odin, but the next fight of the day is between Hermit and Berserker.

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