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Outspoken NFL veteran wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson may be known best for his play on the field, but now he's putting a completely different set of skills to the test in "Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design". Furniture, fabric and finishings used to be just a hobby, but with his football days behind him Johnson's wide-receiving now has more to do with fitting furniture through the front door of a house. Will clients take this former pro-athlete seriously as an interior designer? The ten episode half-hour series follows Johnson as he tries to make a name in the world of interior design. And given the pressures and personalities, Johnson's famous temper is sure to be put to the test.

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1 Season, 12 Episodes - New Series
Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design
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Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design Full Episode Guide

  • Keyshawn is hired by Deb and Pete to create a family room/playroom that can also be a guest room. But Mason, Deb and Pete's 7-year-old son, says he wants this to be his bedroom as well.

  • Keyshawn thinks it'll be easy to do Jessica and Chris' guest room. But they want a more conservative look, which Keyshawn calls boring!

  • Nancy's home has been under construction for the past two years. So, Keyshawn comes up with an "Old Hollywood" style for the room, but he and Nancy disagree on almost everything!

  • Keyshawn has been asked to design a new bedroom for homeowner Megan's two young boys to share. One has Autism, which means he'll have to try different colors and textures.

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