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Kidnap & Rescue is a provocative new Discovery Channel series following kidnapping and the rescuers with the courage to go where no one else can - risking violent reprisal to reclaim innocent victims, inside our borders and beyond. Whether it's a high-profile executive being held for ransom, a child sold overseas or a DEA agent taken by a vengeful cartel, the hope of every victim lies in the hands of the few with the training and dedication to bring them home.

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Saturdays at 10:00 pm on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Currently Airing
Documentary & Biography
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Kidnap & Rescue Full Episode Guide

  • Worldwide kidnapping is a growth industry, fortunately there are individuals who have dedicated their lives to protecting the innocent, these are their stories.

  • Matthew Maupin and Thomas Hammill are kidnapped by insurgents during an ambush in Iraq. Civilian truck driver Hammill was held hostage but kept alive while Private First Class Maupin was killed. Both were victims of hostage terrorism.

  • Every year over 1.5 million children go missing - many are kidnapped then bought and sold by human trafficking rings. This episode profiles two of operator Ty Ritter's "Project Child Save" missions to bring children being held hostage abroad back home.

  • A husband and wife on vacation to celebrate their anniversary are taken hostage by a Muslim extremist group in the Philippines. The US government and Filipino Marines work to rescue them from the brutal terrorist leader Abu Sabaya.

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