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Series Length:2 Seasons, 14 Episodes

Killer Kids explores and tells the stories of different murders that have taken place, all by children and adolescents under the age of 18. Often horrifying to learn about, these cases are interesting and engaging, as it's hard to imagine just why a young child would commit these crimes.

Each episode investigates the lives of multiple child murderers, going into detail not just about their crimes, but about their home lives, school lives, and many other aspects that may explain why they committed the heinous acts they did. Often focusing on one "theme" per episode, the show covers Occult Killers, Hate Killers, Psychopathic killers and more. Each episode typically focuses on one American killer along with two international killers, usually from Canada, France, or England.

Often horrifying, but always informative, Killer Kids helps us understand just why these adolescents committed these crimes, whether from mental problems, just plain hate, or because of other outside sources. Psychologists who dealt with the children are interviewed and the effectiveness of mental institutions, as well as traditional jail time, are discussed as punishment. Because these crimes are so different from the murders typically committed by adults, it is interesting to see what the justice system decides to do with these children and whether or not it is an effective choice.

Killer Kids introduces us to a world we hope to never have to visit in our lives, but remains informative and educational, giving hope that from these horrifying cases, we have learned enough to protect children and help them before they reach the level of past Killer Kids.

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Status: Returning Series
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5 Episodes
  • A teenage boy from rural Indiana commits a double homicide claiming a demon told him to do it. With two other prisoners he devises a jailbreak to reclaim his freedom and kill again.

  • When a boy is raised by a polygamous cult and then cast out at the age of 16 he forced to fend for himself. When this hardworking teen turns to drugs all hell breaks loose in West Jordan, Utah. To the outside world, the Crains seem to be a model family.

  • When two teenage boys become obsessed with the Scream film franchise they plan a copycat murder spree where absolutely no one is safe. When a four-year-old toddler turns up dead, everybody in the small village of Savona, NY becomes a suspect.

  • Following Ronald Salazar's parents who left him in El Salvador for twelve years, he finally re-joins them in Florida and meets his three siblings.

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