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You may be interested in seeing the Food television show called Kimchi Chronicles. It is directed by Charles Pinsky, and American Public Television Broadcast was the distributor. The stars of the show are: Marja Vongerichten and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The show is taped in the United States, so the chef speaks in English. The show only lasted one season and there are thirteen episodes in that season. The executive producers of the show are: Charles Pinsky, Eric Rhee, Diana Kang, Jung Sook Park, Sara Park, and Marja Vongerichten.

The producer of the show is Eric Rhee, and some of the show is filmed in Korea. If you want to learn about the Korean culture, you should watch the show. The show lasts about thirty minutes long, and it was first made public to the general public in May 2011. If you tune into the PBS show, you will watch as the hosts discover themselves and talk about the foods they make. Vongerichten is an American who was adopted in Korea, and so he enjoys exploring his homeland's culture and food. You get to see Marja's perspective throughout the show, and it is an insightful opinion.

The beginning of each episode shows Marja and her husband Jean-Gorges Vongerichten in Korea as they sample various Korean foods. When they return to the United States, they recreate the food in their American kitchen. If you decide to tune into the show, you will see a comprehensive review of different Korean shows.

Some of the biggest people on the show include but are limited to: Hugh Jackman, Heather Graham, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and Deborra-Lee Furness. The main host of the show is Jean-Georges; however, she gets regular visits from the actress Heather Graham. In addition to Graham, you will see Hugh Jackman and his wife on the show. The couple leaves upstairs from Jean-Goorges in New York City. You should definitely watch the show.

Frappe Productions
1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled
November 7, 2011
Food, Travel
Kimchi Chronicles
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Kimchi Chronicles Full Episode Guide

  • The Kimchi Chronicles Conclude is all about special occasions. The episode begins in the ethereal countryside where Marja spends a day with the Alice Waters of Korea and learns the authentic way to make kimchi as well as holiday dishes to celebrate the new year. Marja and Jean-Georges also get a taste, literally, of royal court cuisine and Marja visits Sanchon Restaurant in Seoul for a transformative meal of temple cuisine. Marja joins her Korean family in Sokcho, the northern beach town, for a picnic and then brings the spirit home to New York for a roast pig celebration with the Vongerichten family. Marja also prepares easy Birthday Seaweed Soup and Jean-Georges uses Korean flavors in baeckeoffe, the classic Alsatian dish that he loved as a child.

  • Just like the entire continent of Asia, street food is hugely popular in Korea and many of the most beloved dishes in the country come from street carts and stands. On this episode, Marja and Jean-Georges eat street food all over the peninsula, including silkworm larvae, hoddeok, sweet pancakes filled with peanuts and sugar and Dragon's Beard, a candy made of stretched honey and nuts. At home Marja makes her version of bindaddeok, her signature take on this simple pancake made of freshly ground mung beans shallow-fried until browned and super crisp. Jean-Georges does street food his way, incorporating Korean flavors into hot dogs with kimchi relish and lobster rolls, both of which are enjoyed by neighbor Hugh Jackman. He also prepares a knockout chicken sandwich and a few cocktails, including a Korean bloody mary made with kimchi. Covering Korean nightlife too, this episode also features Marja's recipe for buddae jjigae, a killer soup that's said to be the Vongerichten hangover cure.

  • As opposed to the lean-is-better preference in America, Koreans love their pork full of fat and, incidentally, full of flavor. On this episode, Marja, her dear friend, the actress Heather Graham, and an expert food blogger named Daniel eat classic pork barbeque at Heukdonga restaurant in Seoul made with Jeju's famous black pigs. They also stop by Songgane Gamjatang, where Seoul's taxi drivers convene for pork bone soup and the grand pork dish known as bo ssam. At home in New York, Marja makes her own version of the cabbies' favorites and Jean-Georges makes a delicious, fast stir-fry of sliced pork and colorful vegetables and improvises a simple, tasty barbeque sauce that paints ribs, chops and even pork feet. Marja and Heather conclude the episode with a visit to a Buddhist temple, the perfect balance to all that pig.

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