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The 1980s version of the television program Knight Rider was one of the most popular programs of the decade, and it inspired a number of imitators over the years. The show told the story of a law enforcement officer who was paired with a custom vehicle that was equipped with artificial intelligence. Though the program lasted for 90 episodes during the 1980s, fans wanted more. As time went by, the show began to build an even larger following of younger people who loved the premise and the vibe of the program. Finally, a new Knight Rider was unleashed in 2008 that took the concept and story of the original show, and brought it into the new millennium.

The updated, 2008 version of Knight Rider stars Justin Bruening as Micheal Traceur. He is revealed to be the estranged son of Michael Knight, who was the main character in the original version of the show. Traceur eventually changes his name to Michael Knight, as well, and he is chosen to be the driver of the new version of KITT. While KITT was a Pontiac Trans Am in the original version of the show, the 2008 Knight Rider features a KITT that is based on a modified Ford Shelby Mustang. The basic premise of the program is the same, however.

During the show's run, Knight Rider depicted the struggles of the new Michael Knight and his relationships with his father and the company that developed his amazing, crime-fighting vehicle. Conspiracies are hatched, and Knight finds himself in the middle of them quite often. Also, Knight and the viewing audience are never sure who is on the side of good and who has evil plans. This adds an important air of mystery to the program that keeps viewers glued to their television sets. Most importantly, though, the show features a number of exciting driving and chase sequences that show off the abilities of Knight as a driver, and KITT as a supreme law enforcement machine.

Audiences had been clamoring for an updated version of Knight Rider for many years before it was finally brought back to the air in 2008. The show was not quite as successful as the original version, but it reached a new, younger fan base that grew to love the show's combination of human drama and muscle car power. Though the show is no longer airing new episodes, fans can watch the program on DVD or through various outlets on the internet.

2 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Canceled
September 24, 2008
Action & Adventure, Crime, Family
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Knight Rider Full Episode Guide

  • Michael and K.I.T.T. enter the elite, expensive, eccentric world of custom car shows to break a car theft ring and retrieve an extremely rare Pennington Ascot Regency.

  • Michael and K.I.T.T. must unmask a modern day Robin Hood with a unique M.O. before he or she ends up dead at the hands of an over zealous policeman.

  • Michael and K.I.T.T. go on an underwater hunt for sunken treasure - much to K.I.T.T.'s astonishment at its new aquatic abilities.

  • With the aid of a young blind woman, Michael and K.I.T.T. track down a frightened illegal alien who holds evidence which could blow the GASTNER AUTO WRECKING yard wide open...and the murder it conceals

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